Wednesday, April 1, 2020

19 Examples of the Best Marketing Campaigns on the Internet

19 Examples of the Best Marketing Campaigns on the Internet Marketers are always looking to be inspired by the most innovative and creative campaigns. Even if we work in â€Å"boring industries† or without big budgets†¦ There’s something inspiring about seeing others in our profession pull out the big guns and launch a brilliant  marketing campaign like no one’s ever seen before. You can’t help but wonder what your creativity could unleash if you weren’t bound to typical marketing constraints like lack of budget, broken collaboration, managerial apprehension, and general project management hurdles that come along with planning campaigns with a lot of moving pieces. Go ahead, let your imagination fly. These real-life examples of the best marketing campaigns are bound to get your creative juices flowing. But first, download this marketing campaign planning bundle  to help you overcome some of the marketing constraints listed above. These templates *might* not be able to magically unlock some pot of cash to increase your marketing budget or instantly solve all your communication problems, but they’ll certainly help you plan your next marketing campaign more efficiently. You’ll find: An Annual Marketing Budget Template  to plan the financial aspects of all your marketing. A Marketing Plan Outline  to lay a good foundation for all your campaigns. A Marketing Campaign Checklist  to kick off your project right. A Marketing Project Management  Calendar to plan your entire strategy. The Most Creative Interactive Marketing Campaigns Data, technology, and new platforms have given marketers the ability to adjust and respond to customer actions in real-time. These marketing activities often fall into the category of â€Å"interactive marketing† and give individuals a unique, one-on-one exchange with a brand that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Examples of interactive marketing campaigns include: Contests Quizzes, polls, and surveys Events and experiences And more†¦ Let’s break down some awesome examples of uber-creative interactive marketing campaigns. SNCF: Europe, It's Next Door This interactive marketing campaign from France’s national railway system encouraged Inter-European travel by giving individuals a sneak peek at what was happening around other cities in real-time. The company set up a series of doors which opened to two-way video screens. Individuals on the other side were located in a city across Europe. The video allowed individuals to interact with each other in a unique and engaging way. The campaign drew people into the idea of traveling to a new city and raised awareness that SNCF could make that trip a reality. Key Takeaways for Marketers: Go beyond video by exploring two-way video communication. Record the experience so it can be used for additional marketing opportunities. Make sure your marketing campaigns also achieve organization goals. Heineken: Go Places Heineken launched the first â€Å"Go Places† campaign in 2016 with the aim of highlighting the company’s unique personality and company culture to prospective employees. The first campaign allowed individuals to partake in an interactive interview†¦ a sort of â€Å"choose your own adventure† combined with a strengths finder outcome. Following the interactive questionnaire, individuals are given their results and encouraged to apply for a position with their LinkedIn profile. Key Takeaways for Marketers: Marketing campaigns can sell the company, too. Not just the product. People love personalized results. Showcase real employees when possible. Expedia: Explore Great Britain The Expedia microsite is an interactive video  that allows watchers to toggle between British cities as five different hosts give tours of their cities. Upon completing the video, Expedia gives a custom itinerary based on how much time you watched each location’s video. The custom itinerary provides lodging recommendations and what to see and do in each city. The video jumps from location to location seamlessly and offers viewers a customizable experience that makes you want to watch several times so you don’t miss anything. Key Takeaways for Marketers: Provide a unique offer at the end to encourage people to complete the video. Tie in real business results to show to campaign’s worth. Utilize a microsite to ensure a great user experience. Waze: On the Road Waze took all of their data and leveraged it into an item of sponsored content with the New York Times. The data presented interesting trends in how we drive, when, and to what locations. What makes this content interactive is the company added quiz functionality to test the reader’s smarts about trends in driving. Key Takeaways for Marketers: Interactive marketing doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Data can be used to create interactive marketing tools/quizzes for marketing purposes. Partner with another company to increase reach.