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Rock n Roll and Social Change in the USA and Britain Essay

Rock n Roll and Social Change in the USA and Britain - Essay Example Rock n roll developed in a period where after a century of racial tensions in the United States after the Civil War, the segregation system was essentially falling apart. This is reflected in the origins of the music itself where despite its mainly African American origins; it ended up being increasingly popular among largely white youths. The call for racial harmony seen in this music can be considered to have been a reflection of the way that society had essentially come to be weary of racism and segregation and was seeking a new path through the initiative of the youth within it. The coming together of black music and a largely white youth audiences can be considered to have been a reflection of changes that were taking place concerning the perception of race in society as individuals sought to freely interact with members of other races without the restrictions that were being place on them by traditions and laws (Lipzitz, 1989, p.267). It was a fight for the rights of minority r aces in the United States where they had been kept under the dominance of white people for centuries. The rise of rock n roll got the attention of white supremacists and racists who reacted strongly towards it by claiming that it broke down the barriers that had been put in place to ensure that there was a permanent separation of the races . Moreover, rock n roll can be considered to have been a challenge to the status quo in society where youth from all races worked together to ensure that the barriers that separated them were removed . The exportation of this genre of music to Britain was also highly influential because it allowed for a display of the war weariness that had taken grip of the country after the Second World War.

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Criminology Essays | Robbery Violence Weapons

Criminology Essays | Robbery Violence Weapons Robbery Violence Weapons Introduction Armed robbery can be defined as the process of seizing property through violence which can even involve killing of people in most of the societies and involves the use of weapons. It involves the act of depriving one the right to posses his/her property through the use of force by the robbers and it’s against the law. So you will find that there is a forced intimidation which is imposed on victim/victims by the use of force. Armed robbery take many forms and a good example to explain this is when a thief grabs a purse off the victims hands while on the other hand armed robbery involves the use of violence that is the robber is forced to use weapons. But in this case whether one uses a weapon to threaten another person or whether a robber snatches ones pulse and runs away with it is a bad habit which needs to be stopped in most of the societies. This is because there is a growing case of insecurities which is happening in most of the societies and am going to try and recommend the policy of doubling the maximum prison term for the armed robbers here in Kenya. (Kennedy, 1994). Policy of doubling the prison term is the way to go This is the time the state has to fight the war of crime and the only way to do this is through putting in to action some policies which will eventually fight crimes in our state. Crimes can have its own negative impacts to the members of the state and also to the state at large. You find that more resources have been put in place to fight crimes but all these methods which have been used have all proved ineffective due to the fact that the issue of criminals is increasing day and night. Policies need to be put in place instead of putting the countries resources in trying to combat this particular behavior. Am proposing the policy of doubling the prison term for those people who are convicted with the armed robbery since I tent to think it’s through this policy that most of the criminals plus those people still wanting to become criminals will be in a position to deter their behaviors and engage in other economic activities. Doubling the prison term for the armed robbers will have many advantages than it is today. This is because through doubling the prison term, you will find that most of the people intending to become robbers will tend to decrease in that it will bring a sense of fear to most of the armed robbers. This is one of the habits which need to be stopped with immediate effect since many people have fallen victims of armed robbery whereby some people end up loosing their property or even loosing their lives. (Kennedy, 1994). People have the right to posses their own property but some people have the habit of taking their property away which is of course wrong. Every citizen of a given country should have the pleasure to be protected by the ruling government. So in order to be in a position to curb the armed robbery, the best policy to adopt in this case is doubling the maximum prison term which is given to the armed robbers. It is due to this that the country will be in a position to record a decreasing number of armed robbers in the country. So you will find that once this particular bill has been implemented, you will find that the ex- convicted felons plus those people are still planning to become armed robbers will tend to see that the state is very much serious with handling the criminals cases especially the armed robbers. The bill will also act as a warning to other criminals with similar robbery behaviors hence leading to a peaceful nation in our country. So in this case the way forward to go is only through doubling the prison term for the armed robbers since they are threatening people’s lives and properties a lot. People feel insecure and yet they are in their own country. They are supposed to be proud in their own country but instead the country has become a den of robbers whereby people are not supposed to own their own property simply because some people somewhere will take them away from them. So I tend to think that proposing the bill will mean a decreased rate of armed robbers plus other criminals on the streets and in many societies in which they come from. (Kennedy, 1994). It’s also through doubling the prison charges to the convicted people that te country will be in a position to control the use of guns by many robbers. This is because you find that most of the armed robbers use guns and the biggest question is where they accessed these guns. So you will find that if a bill is passed on doubling the prison terms for the robbers, most of the guns which are used by these robbers will tend to decline as a result of so many people who will surrender robbing other by the use of these guns. You find that most of the non military people are in possession of guns and hence they use these guns when robbing people both in the rural areas and also at the urban areas. So the best thing to try and control the issue of gun use by the robbers will at the same rime decline since those people who will be caught in possession of these guns against the law which face a serious penalty which will be imposed after the bill has been recommended. One of the most visible issues under debate today in most of the countries is that whether the federal government should regulate the possession of the firearms by most of the individuals today. Some of the methods which have been applied to regulate these firearms are by making it hard for those individuals who would wish to buy these firearms. This is achieved through the strictly selling of these arms by the members who are recognized by the federal states, by improving the safety of these guns and also by regulating sales at gun shows. So you will find that if this bill is passed, then those people who sell these guns to the robbers will not have a market to sale them. This is because there will be only a few deviants who will be willing to have these guns since they are fearing been convicted with the guns. So if the bill of doubling the prison terms for the armed robbers is passed, you will also find that less people will be in possession of these guns and hence security levels will rise. (Bridges, 2000). The economy of the country will also increase in that most of the people who were intending to become robbers will get involved in other economic activities which will lead to the economic growth of the country. This is because the populations of those criminals who have been convicted of armed robbery are so many and this labor can be used in other economic activities of our country hence leading to the economic growth. So you will find that with the passing of the bill, then many people will tend to become economically productive since most of the countries labor is been used in non economic activities like the armed robbery and threatening peoples life. People will also at the same time feel secure and have a since of been protected by their own country. This is because the citizens will be in a position to realize that the government is still doing something on the issue of insecurity which is growing at an exponential rate. It will mean that people can do their economic activities with no fear since the government in this case is taking a keen action on those people who are convicted with the armed robbery. (Lott, 2000). You will also find that the money which was used in building the prisons for these people will also decline in the sense that you will find that it’s only a few deviants who will be caught with such behaviors. You find that most of the government budget has been constraints by the issue of building more prisons to put these criminals. This is a lot of money which is actually going to waste and could be used in other economic activities. This is because the legislature only needs to pass the bill and start working immediately. This is because you find that most of the criminals have already adapted to been in the prisons for quite a short time and hence don’t usually find it a challenge for them. So you will find that if this bill is passed, then automatically it will mean that fewer individuals will be willing to get involved in such crimes since they are sure that the charges are so high for them. This bill should also go with removing fines which are given to such criminals. This will definitely ensure that many people will be deterred from such offenses and hence the government budget which was used in building prisons will now be used in other economic activities say the provision of free health services or even free education to the needy people in our society. So am trying to propose this bill to the state legislature since this is one of the best policies which the judiciary has to put in practice since many people in our societies are crying of the increased rates of insecurity levels which are also affecting their economic activities and also their standards of living. If the government put in practice this particular policy, it is the time it will notice a change in the number of criminals who are now at our prisons are more are still on the way coming since you find that in every day, someone somewhere has to be convicted of the armed robbery and the prisons are not even enough to hold all these people so the government has to take the initiativ e of constructing more prisons to hold all these criminals. (Lott, 2000) Conclusion Armed robbery is one of the crimes which require the government intervention through the state legislature, law enforcement, criminologists and prosecutors to work together towards ensuring that this behavior is curbed. The proposed prison term for doubling the prison term for those people who are convicted with armed robbery will in a way aid in deterring those individuals in the societies who are planning to commit such crimes. It is the only way forward in that if we double the prison term for them, then many people will tend to run away from the crime since no one would accept serving at the prison for more than 10 years. So it’s due to this that most of the people who are intending to become criminals in future will look for other careers since its penalties are so high for them to achieve. Reference Lott, J. (2000): More guns, less crimes: Understanding crime and gun control laws. New York, the Lindesmith Center. Bridges, G. (2000): â€Å"Crime, Social structure and criminal punishment. White and non White rates of imprisonment.† Social problems Journal, Vol. 34(4). Kennedy, R. (1994): â€Å"The state and the criminal law†. Law Review Journal, Vol. 107.

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Technology is having an impact in the way we publish products :: essays research papers

1 Introduction Ever since publishing was first invented a long time ago, there have been two main obstacles to overcome. The first is the limited audience that will see the published material, with the second being having to frequently update the documents. Now with the invention of electronic publishing and the Internet, these problems have been solved. Publishing documents electronically on the Internet allows it to be seen by millions of people, and it can be easily updated and posted with a word processor. The on-line publishing craze started as soon as the Internet was running. However, there are some disadvantages that come with electronic publishing. In some cases it is easier and more practical to use a book instead of an electronic document. When should we use an electronic document and when should we use a simple hard cover book? Is the information in electronic documents accurate? Will electronic documents take over the role that books play in our lives? These are the questions that must be answered. 2 Overview of electronic publishing The term "electronic publishing" covers a multitude of things, which are in fact different in certain significant ways. Electronic publishing is the creation, publication and updating of literary work on an electronic medium. These works can include many types and formats such as novels, journals, magazines, encyclopedias, letter’s etc. The electronic medium that they are created, transmitted and stored on can be on magnetic media disks (standard 3.5-inch disk,) digitally on the Internet or on other electronic forms such as CD-ROM and DVD technology. These are two of the most frequently used as they can digitally store thousands of pages of information on a compact disk. Electronic publishing has made work easier for millions of people around the world as they can have millions of pages of information at their fingertips. This information can be easily found, edited and updated much quicker than conventional or ‘manual’ methods. Electronic publishing was originally started for the purpose of being able to update and edit literary works and publications easily and efficiently. This is still the main driving force of electronic publishing today but now it is also used for many other reasons. However, electronic publishing does have disadvantages and flaws. A fair amount of information that is published today is confidential or meant only for a specific group. Many things such as security and integrity of the information must be taken into account when an electronic document is read.

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Honey Bee Farming

Alabang we can see the skyscrapers, big malls and busy viable centers. In a backyard of a small house in a high village is a wood of trees and flowering plants, this is where the bees are camping and in this place Luke Macababbad lives. He is an urban farmer and a custodian of the colonies in a 50-square-meter backyard in Muntinlupa City subdivision. Bees sip the nectar of the shrubs and bushes of the wild flowering plants, vines and trees. January to May is the honey season, flowers bloom and honey flows. A 50 hives or colonies can make 30 to 50 kilograms of honey in 3 weeks. The 80% is being made into wine and the remaining is honey. According to Macababbad, the production is down because of climate change. The flowering season is not distinctive because the bees are confused. At this time, kakawati trees should be blooming but they are not. Honey is not produced after heavy rains. When you are into bee farming, the cost of a queen bee is $300 to $500. A single colony, with four frames to house 3,000 bees, costs about P6,200. Continuous labor and maintenance are the added operating costs. According to Virgilio Badajos, a staff beekeeper who was trained in Australia, bee mortality rate must be monitored. Migratory birds can eat up to 500 bees a day. He started the bee farming as a hobby at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. All we wanted was to have our own home-made honey for home use, he said. He had 4 colonies in his farm which expanded in Batangas, Lipa, Tanauan and Cavite. He harvested 100 kilograms of honey produced at Dielle's Apiary and Meadery Enterprises. With the increase in demand Macababbad seek the technology assistance from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). And the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SET UP) provided him P300,000 to purchase new stainless steel tank. This helped him increased from 1,000 bottles a year to 2,000 bottles per month. Other products were added: mango, bignay and duhat wines, the label designs and packaging were provided by DOST. Sales raised to 300 percent and on-line orders also increased. According to Dr. Teresita C. Fortuna, DOST’s Regional Director for Metro Manila, the bee colony is one of the more successful technology intervention of the DOST National Capital Region (NCR). In 2009, P8.9 million support was provided by DOST-NCR for technology acquisition to 11 microenterprises. This includes consultancies, trainings and workshops conducted in 596 firms. In Twinville Subdivision in Marikina, homeowners association uses hydroponics  or growing plants without soil. The DOST Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD) provided the Hydroponic Technology. The Enriched Potting Preparation technology involves nutrient-rich compost soil extract and a specialized watering and aeration-efficient container made from used plastic bottles. Senior citizens of the Twinville Homeowner’s Association participated by planting the first crop of vegetables for home consumption. The harvested crop is sold in the city government and in nearby supermarkets. Marikina and Muntinlupa are the recipients of a bioreactor technology which converts the wastes from wet markets into organic fertilizer. While in Quezon City and Taguig, DOST NCR and PCARRD provided technical assistance and training to city agriculture technologies like edible landscaping, hydroponics and enriched potting preparation and composting.

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Don Haskins on Racism Essay

The final buzzer rang off in Maryland’s Cole Field House basketball court. Many watched a game of Texas Western Miners and Kentucky Wildcats on March 19th, 1966, and yet most didn’t realize they just witnessed sports ethics redefine itself. It was a championship, an all or nothing statement for the players of Texas Western. The coach of the Miners, Don Haskins, had just won the NCAA title with five African American starters. They won a mere sports game, but it would prove to be much more than that. A hero of integration, Haskins revolutionized college basketball by the way he indentified a player, by skill and not color. The 1960’s was a time of many cultural controversies that aspired to what America is today. It was not only about Vietnam, the hippie escapades, or the latest eight-track of the Beatles. The decade has been dubbed the civil rights era. Culture was starting to see African American integration from the help of civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. However not all heroes are recognized immediately, and Don Haskins, whether he planned it or not, helped pave the way to equality in sports. Before Haskins started to coach at Texas Western, the college recruited and played African Americans when it was typical for teams to have full-white roster and oppose integration into basketball (Schecter, 1998). No one imagined the day when five blacks would start at a pre-dominantly white college. Many whites actually did not want to have African Americans on their team at all in fear that it would cause integration through all civil aspects. Frank. Fritzpatrick, author of And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, concurs, â€Å"When Negroes and whites meet on the athletic fields on a basis of complete equality, it is only natural that this sense of equality carries into the daily living of these people† (1999). Once they got on the court, the blacks were still held back and treated unfairly. One of the seven black Miner players, Harry Flournoy, stated â€Å"All the best players on the team were black, but there was this unspoken rule that no more than three blacks could play at once. It was rough, but that’s the way it was† (Schecter, 1998). However, once Haskins came to Texas Western he followed its footsteps of recruiting black players; he sought out only the best players while ignoring the color of the players’ skin. Gathering players around the country, Haskins found skilled African Americans such as David Lattin, Harry Flournoy, and the five other players of 1966 title game. Fitzpatrick explains â€Å"they wound up being the core players for a basketball backwater team from El Paso that would force the all-white team from â€Å"pedigreed Kentucky† to crack† (1999). For four years, Haskins coached the Miners and played black players. With the fifth season being wildly successful, Haskins struck awe in white crowds as he started all black players in the championship. â€Å"I remember walking out that night listening to the Kentucky fans saying, ‘We have to get some of them,'† today’s Maryland coach Gary Williams said. â€Å"That’s what they called the black players ‘them’ but they had to admit that they could play. † Haskins changed the game of basketball when he started those five black players. Whether he knew that it was going to change civil rights from then on, he played them to prove Kentucky Coach Adolph Rupp wrong. â€Å"Coach Haskins told us that Rupp has said in a press conference before the game that five black players couldn’t defeat five white players. Coach Haskins decided only the African American players would play that night, said Litten. † (Championing Divsersity, 2006). Contrary to the public eye, Haskins stated â€Å"I wasn’t trying to make a statement,† he often said about beating Kentucky. I was trying to win a game. † However, Feinstein argues, â€Å" of course he was trying to make a statement. But Haskins had made it long before that night. He’d made it when he got to Texas Western in 1961 and began recruiting black players from everywhere† (2008). Some believe that night did not move Americans until it was brought up years later. Lattin just wanted to win a title, but neither he nor Haskins could have g uessed it would help alter history. It never seemed to cross their minds until approached later as addressed in this newspaper article, â€Å" ‘it wasn’t a big, overwhelming event until years later when people looked back and said it was the sports equivalent of the board of education decision. The racial connotations and overtones weren’t really played out all that much at the time but I still think it was one of the most notable games I ever covered’, said photographer Rick Clarkson. †(Championing Diversity, 2006). With there being truth in what Clarkson said, it did not take until the event’s movie, Glory Road, for integration to ensue in the NCAA. Haskins and the Miners pushed the motion ever further that March night. â€Å"If you want to get down to the facts, we were more white-oriented than any of the other teams. We played the most intelligent, the most boring, and the most disciplined game of them all† (Fitzpatrick, 1999). No one could have said it better then the Miner’s Willie Worsley. They deserved the title. Haskins set out to be a basketball coach, not a hero. He recruited the best players he could find, knowing others would object their presence, but didn’t care. Haskins wanted to win.